Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs (OOH)

  Please be aware, we are not part of the Primary School, so any information needs to be forwarded to us directly.

We were last inspected October 2018 and hold a 5* Food Hygiene Certificate


Breakfast Club

Come and join us from 7:45am until the start of school for breakfast every day of the week. We enjoy a selection of fresh fruit, water, yoghurt, cereals, toast, bagels, muffins and eggs, followed by fun and games ready for the start of school.  If you have any specific dietry requirements, please speak to a member of staff.

The charge is £3.00 per child per day from 8am and £4.00 from 7:45am

Please see Lisa McCully or call Lisa or Andie Whyman on 01733 265964 for details.

 From September 2019 our breakfast club is full.


                                                                   Afterschool Club

Afterschool club runs Monday – Friday and is a fun place to play with your friends.  We often cook, plant and play games and enjoy a drink and a light snack. We open until 5:15 pm on Monday – Thursdays for a cost of £6.50 per child per day and on Fridays you can stay until either 3:30 pm for £4.50 or until 4:30 pm for £6.50.

Please see Andie Whyman on 01733 265964 for details.

We currently have spaces available and for Sept 2019 we are filling up fast.  

Please click on the link below to download our enrolment form. 

We use an electronic based communication system called Baby's Days and you will be expected to log into the system to keep informed.  Log in details are provided when your child joins.

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